Fitrite uPVC Decking & Balustrading

Fitrite is by far the most superior uPVC decking System available to date, and its superiority over rival products is plain to see and feel. Other products can only imitate, but never replicate, its absolute quality. It has become the number one choice of thousands of homeowners and businesses for a reason.

With excellent environmental credentials, outstanding safety ratings and an all but endless lifespan, Fitrite is fast replacing wood as the standard material for outdoor decking.

Being virtually maintenance free the Fitrite Evolution deck boards offer numerous benefits:

    • Eco friendly alternative to wood




  • Stunning aesthetics
  • Controlled natural weathering
  • Choice of 6 colours
  • Extremely durable
  • 20 year manufacturers warranty
  • 100% recyclable

A Fitrite deck will compliment your property for years to come as its timeless elegance and durability out do and outlast your expectations. Our standard colours are available from stock with minimal lead times, along with optional balustrading (railing) colours which can be made to order and match almost any aesthetics desired.



Slip resistance grain for traction and an authentic wood look. The Virign PVC outer prevents deckboard absorbing water and therefore making it truely waterproof.

The Fitclip system makes the installation of the Fitrite deck a swifter and hassle free experience. Using the unique stainless steel Fitclip fitting system allows us to build a deck with invisible fixings.

The reinforced inner core is resistant to moisture and decay. In addition to this, the deck board is 100% recyclable, therefore making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Evolution Deck Board…
Eco Deck Board…
 Decking_Evolution_Colours  Decking_Eco_Colours



Balustrading can go unnoticed, present only out of the necessity to keep people safe and satisfy regulations. Or it can become that finishing touch to any outdoor space. Fitrite balustrades do just that.

Available in a range of styles and colours, Fitrite balustrades give you the opportunity to exercise your flair and imagination in a way that others often overlook. Glass panels add 21st century appeal while pvc balustrades are simple, but very effective.